Choose Your Plan

Tone Explorer

1 Pedal

at a time for $9.99 a month

New to pedals? Start – experience all the sounds you’re capable of creating, from overdrives to delays and everything in between.

$9.99 Round Trip Shipping

Tone Monster

2 Pedals

at a time for $17.99 a month

Perfect for comparing 2 pedals you just can’t decide between, whether you want to try different types of reverb shimmers or an analog v. digital delay.

$9.99 Round Trip Shipping

Tone Legend

Best Deal

3 Pedals

at a time for $24.99 a month

For those in search of a veritable cornucopia of tone. If experimentation is your jam while you’re jammin’, this is the plan for you.

$9.99 Round Trip Shipping