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Check out our review of the The Narc pedal by Poison Noises

A review by Bob Dylan
Written by ChatGPT

Well, folks, gather 'round, and let me spin you a tale about "The Narc" by Poison Noises. This pedal is a journey back in time, reminiscent of my own musical escapades in the '60s. It's got that vintage flavor and soul that echoes the spirit of the folk scene, and it's a pedal that speaks to the troubadour in all of us.

"The Narc" doesn't aim to be the loudest or the flashiest; it's more like a dusty old manuscript of folk songs that carries the stories of generations. This pedal offers a gentle overdrive that's like a hushed whisper around a campfire, warming up your tone without overwhelming it. It's the sound of a soulful troubadour playing in a smoky, dimly lit coffeehouse, just like those early days of my career.

One thing that stands out about "The Narc" is its dynamics. It's like a storyteller modulating his voice to draw you in closer, making sure every word and every note is heard. Whether you're fingerpicking gentle melodies or strumming with passion, this pedal responds to your playing style with grace and precision. It captures the subtleties of your performance, just as my songs have captured the nuances of life's journey.

The pedal also adds a touch of analog-style reverb, like the echoes of a bygone era. It's as if you're playing in a small, historic venue, and the room itself becomes part of your sound. This reverb breathes life into your notes, creating an atmosphere that's as rich and immersive as my lyrics.

And here's the thing - "The Narc" embraces simplicity. It's like a folk song with just a few chords and a heartfelt melody, and that's all it needs. There are no complicated controls or flashy effects; it's all about the purity of your sound. It's the kind of pedal you can plug in, strum a chord, and let your emotions flow.

In a world filled with high-gain distortions and complex multi-effects, "The Narc" is a refreshing throwback to a time when songs were simple, heartfelt, and spoke to the soul. It's an ode to the folk tradition, a tribute to the troubadours who've paved the way, and an invitation to tell your own story through your guitar.

So, if you're yearning for that vintage folk sound, if you want to strum your acoustic or electric with the spirit of the '60s, or if you simply want to channel the troubadour within, "The Narc" by Poison Noises is the pedal that'll take you there. It's not just a stompbox; it's a time machine that connects you to the essence of folk music and the power of storytelling through song.

Tech Specs


1 x 1/4"


1 x 1/4"

Power Supply



2.75 inches


4.75 inches


2.25 inches


0.6625 lbs.

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