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Noise Boyz Review

Check out our review of the Swim Team pedal by Mojohand FX

A review by Jay-Z
Written by ChatGPT

The Mojohand FX Swim Team pedal is like one of my chart-topping hip-hop tracks - it's smooth, polished, and it adds a touch of swag to your guitar tone that's impossible to ignore. This pedal is the key to making your music stand out, much like my songs that are known for their infectious rhythms and catchy melodies.

Swim Team is all about creating a powerful and expressive modulation sound that's a true asset to any musician. It's like a well-produced hit that dominates the charts. With this pedal, you're in control of your sonic narrative, crafting everything from smooth, rhythmic grooves to mind-bending, futuristic textures.

What's particularly impressive about Swim Team is its adaptability. It doesn't restrict you to one style; it's versatile enough to enhance your sound in various genres, much like my ability to seamlessly switch between different musical influences. Whether you're infusing your music with a touch of R&B, funk, or creating the smoothest lead tones, this pedal brings the swag and style that makes your music irresistible.

Tech Specs


1 x 1/4"


1 x 1/4"

Power Supply



2.5 inches


4.375 inches


1.875 inches


0.5 lbs.

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