Keeley Caverns Delay Reverb V2
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Keeley Caverns Pedal


Delay and Reverb





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Noise Boyz Review

Combining delay and reverb into one effect should absolutely be done more often, especially if the result is anything like the Keeley Caverns.

Improving a bit on the first version of this pedal, the Caverns Delay Reverb V2 takes everything we loved from the initial go-round and fine tunes it all into a still-compact enclosure with amazing sonic prowess. With three reverb modes and an analog, tape-style delay, you’re sure to coax some sweeeeet sounds of of this gleaming white beauty.

The Reverb side features 3 cavernous modes: Spring, Modulation and Shimmer. Spring is a Blackface amp type of sound with an F style tremolo, Modulated incorporates a bit of chorus into your ‘verb and Shimmer produces a smooth octave-up in the tails of your effect. Blend mixes your wet and dry signals, Decay adjusts your echo tails and Warmth lets you choose from a wide range of tones, from dark to bright. A Rate knob works depending which mode you’re in: in Shimmer, it is a feedback blend; in Modulated, a depth/pre-delay control, and in Spring, a basic rate control.

The Delay side features a blend knob as well, along with Time for setting your delay (30-650ms), Rate (to adjust the modulation in the tails) and Repeats (feedback). You can select to have no modulation in the repeats if you choose, or have Light (soft modulation) or Deep (heavy modulation) modes selected, via a small toggle switch. Keeley’s Magnetic Echo is the circuit used here, bringing a warm, analog delay sound with it, emulating those classic tape delays we all know and love.

Inside, you can even set each effect to be in True Bypass or Trails mode, depending on what you need for your individual setup. The layout of this new version is better as well, with easier control positioning and more space between the two footswitches, ensuring smooth use of each throughout the night. No surprise here that Robert and the Keeley Electronics crew cranked out another gem – cheers to those guys for continuing to impress us all and keep the industry on their toes. Be sure to check out our demo video below, and enjoy some Caverns today!

Tech Specs


1 x 1/4"


1 x 1/4"

Power Supply



3 inches


4 inches


1 inch


0.99 lbs.

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