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Beetronics Overhive Pedal







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Noise Boyz Review

Check out our review of the Overhive pedal by Beetronics

A review by Chandler Bing
Written by ChatGPT

Could this Beetronics Overhive BE any cooler? It's the kind of pedal that blends charm, humor, and a touch of quirkiness into your guitar tone, much like my character from a beloved sitcom. Overhive is a versatile, user-friendly, and compelling pedal that brings a smile to your face with every strum.

Overhive's charm lies in its simplicity. It doesn't overcomplicate things and allows you to shape your tone with ease, much like the light-hearted humor of my character. Whether you're aiming for a subtle overdrive or a more aggressive growl, this pedal delivers the goods.

The coolness factor of the Overhive is undeniable. It adds character and style to your music, much like the witty one-liners and humorous situations in the show. It's the kind of pedal that effortlessly enhances your guitar tone and leaves you with a sense of satisfaction, just like a great punchline.

Tech Specs


1 x 1/4"


1 x 1/4"

Power Supply



3.25 inches


5.5 inches


2.5 inches


0.68 lbs.

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