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Thumbnail Octahive beetronics top down view
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Beetronics Octahive Pedal







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A review by Robert De Niro
Written by ChatGPT

The Beetronics Octahive pedal is a masterful performance in the world of guitar effects, much like the characters I've portrayed on screen. This pedal embodies depth, precision, and an unmistakable character that takes your guitar tone to a cinematic level of intensity.

Octahive is like a compelling movie role - it's versatile and transformative. With its unique blend of octavia and fuzz effects, it creates a sonic landscape that's both evocative and powerful. Just as my roles demand a nuanced and impactful portrayal, this pedal demands your commitment to exploring its full sonic potential.

What sets Octahive apart is its authenticity. It delivers the raw, gritty, and genuine sound that characterizes the best in film and theater. Whether you're playing bluesy, soulful solos or unleashing thunderous, expressive riffs, this pedal adds a layer of authenticity and emotion to your music that's reminiscent of the depth and gravitas I bring to my acting.

Tech Specs


1 x 1/4"


1 x 1/4"

Power Supply



3.25 inches


5.5 inches


2.5 inches


0.71 lbs.

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